restaurant in Dover, Pennsylvania serves cheeseburgers, chicken, and gyros

Meet 2Delicious
Gyro Fusion Restaurant in
Dover, Pennsylvania

Cruising down Route 74 in Dover, PA, will bring you upon a hidden treasure – a locally owned restaurant serving up some of the best foods you will ever taste. Locals will recall the spot as the old Sherry’s Ice Cream place, which was a legend itself. 

Today, this restaurant greets you with a carefully curated and fusion-inspired menu of gyros bursting with flavor combinations your taste buds never knew existed, fresh salads, platters of various options, and WOW, french fries that are unbelievable. The entire menu was crafted to offer only the most flavor-rich and tasty foods in unique ways. Forget what you know about gyros. These fusion-inspired gyros will leave you flabbergasted and feeling “oh so yummy” satisfied (and anxious for the next visit!).

Our dining experience does not stop there.
Visit our dining room, and you are greeted with a work of art – a true 2D art space. 

Stop in and enjoy the 2D restaurant dining experience

2D room in Dover, Pennsylvania
restaurant with art display in Dover near York, PA