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Gyros like you never had before.
Flavor with attitude!

Skip the boring burgers and pizza. Grab some FUSION!
Our curated fusion-inspired gyros
bring you a flavor-packed experience.

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forget pizza and burgers, order a gyro

What the heck is a fusion-inspired gyro?!?!

We have all seen them. Those delicious-looking sandwich-type things. They look a little like a burrito and a little bit like a wrap packed with flavorful meats, cheeses, and veggies, and topped with sauces. They are GYROS! No matter how you pronounce it (GEERO, GUYRO, JEROH, etc..), they are &%$# good! Forget about gyros only being Greek style. Our gyros are ignited with FUSION! We combine elements of your all-time favorites and more to craft crazy good flavors of GYRO FUSION! Go ahead, take a peek at the menu, and find your favorite.

But WAIT! … 2Delicious Gyro Fusion in Dover, Pennsylvania, doesn’t stop there with the fusion flavors. We offer platters, meal combos, and, OMG, wait till you try our different types of french fries! Your tastebuds will be overloaded with excitement. And when you are done with your meal, treat yourself to a sweet treat from our desserts. From the first bite to the last, you will be saying TOO DELICIOUS! (oh, and for the traditionalists, we still have the authentic Greek gyros too.)

Gyros, cheeseburgers, pizza, and more in Dover PA

Fusion Gyros

Do you want exciting foods? You found them! Our fusion-inspired gyros are bursting with your favorite flavors. Packed full of deliciously fresh ingredients, these gyros are a hearty favorite of all.

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Combos & Platters

We offer platters and combos to fit any appetite. From our chicken strips to our platters, your tastebuds will thank you. HANGRY? Make it a combo to hit that hunger where it counts!

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Fusion Fries

French fries kicked up a notch! We have seasoned fries, loaded fries, Greek fries, and more. Once you try our fries, you will be hooked and other french fries will never be the same.

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Don't forget to wrap it up with a sweet treat

Time to cater to the sweet tooth and add a dessert treat to your meal, or just grab a sweet treat that is guaranteed to make your day better. Sometimes all we need is a little bite of yumminess. Thirsty? Try our new freshly squeezed lemonade.

WARNING: Our treats are known to be addictive. 

Now Serving Breakfast!

Try our new breakfast offerings! You will LOVE them!

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